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Madison Davenport, Actress

Madison Davenport

Madison Davenport as Caroline - THE ATTIC DOOR
Hi, my name is Madison Davenport, I am 11 years old, in 6th grade and I play Caroline in the movie! It was ssssoooo fun working on the set of THE ATTIC DOOR. Everyone was so nice and I made a lot of really great friends! We filmed the movie in Utah (I still have the red dirt on my shoes to prove it). When you see the movie than you can definitely tell that all the locations we shot were gorgeous!

The movie itself is beautiful too. I got to work with Jake Johnson who played Darrel, we go to school together! I also got to work with the most awesome directer ever (not even exagerating) Danny Daneau. My whole experiance was amazing and I loved watching the movie. Oh wait I’m getting ahead of myself! My character Caroline is very motherly and is very strict yet loving at the same time. During the movie she is always hoping and knowing that her parents will come back. Now Darrel on the other hand is very childlike and playful yet he seems to want to care for his sister.

Danny is an amazing director, he lets you put a little bit of youreself into your character. I had so much fun. Thank you soo much Danny and thank you to everyone who helped put this project together!

Madison Davenport


Behind the Attic Door – Episode 3 – Caroline and Darrell

Behind the Attic Door – Episode 3 – Caroline and Darrell from The Attic Door on Vimeo.



Looking Back: Jake Johnson, Actor

Our lead actor, Jake Johnson, posted the following blog entry September 27th, 2007 describing his experiences on the set of, THE ATTIC DOOR. Read the original entry here.

Jake Johnson

Hello, my name is Jake Johnson and I am the actor who plays Darrell in the film THE ATTIC DOOR. I am 10 years old and in the 5th grade. My Dad, Mom, brother Zach and sister Caryn all traveled to Kanab while I had this great opportunity to shoot this film. Playing the part of Darrell was the most fun, yet most challenging job, I have ever done. For starters I had to wear clothes from the 1800′s which was a little awkward at first but became quit comfortable as the shoot went on. On many days my wardrobe had to be clean for the morning scenes and dirty for the afternoon scenes, which meant rolling around in the dirt and playing with the local chickens to dirty myself up. The wackiest part of the movie was when the light in the wagon we were shooting in burned out and everyone thought it would blow. I remember Cory, the first AD came running in with a fire extinguisher only to find a completely protected burnt out light. Afterwards when we looked at the tape we cracked up at the panic on everyone’s face.

Danny was an awesome director! He taught me how to break down each scene in a way I have never done before. He made me laugh, cry and yes even barf one day on the set (not really his fault, I had the flu!)

Madison and I actually go to the same school here in Southern California. Our families are great friends and we talk about our experience in Utah all the time. We had a great crew that I will never forget and would love to work with again!

Actor Jake Johnson on the set of
The Attic Door.

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Behind the Attic Door – Episode 2 – The Old Frontier

Behind the Attic Door – Episode 2 – The Old Frontier from The Attic Door on Vimeo.



Behind the Attic Door – Episode 1 – A New Frontier

We are proud to present the very first episode of Behind the Attic Door.

Documentary filmmakers Chris Walker and Roman Safiullin have created seven episodes about a group of young filmmakers, on the verge of realizing their childhood dreams, who must journey to the desolate American West in order to realize their vision.

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Behind the Attic Door – Episode 1 – A New Frontier from The Attic Door on Vimeo.



Production Design – Point of No Return

Alex Eastwood
Production Designer

Fifth part in a series. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Part 5,

I remember a very long two days of driving from Orlando to Utah. This road trip was enjoyed by Bryce, the Line Producer, and myself, in an absurdly overpacked SUV. We split the driving duties, which I admit, Bryce drove more than I, and I read a book that I had purchased at a Good Will thrift store for 99 cents titled, Into The Wild. I am not trying to illustrate some underlying cosmic connection between my approaching adventure and this book, but the random timing of my reading, and the adventurous wanderlust of the book’s subject, coincided in such a way to make our filming in the Western desert mountains almost divine. I was nervous and thankful.

The Parry Lodge We arrived about a month before shooting and settled into our new home at the Parry Lodge. The rest of the Art Department arrived the following day and we immediately started having meetings and preparing for the unexpected, or at least, the unexperienced. Lack of communication will sink even the grandest of ships, so I had decided early on to have Art Department meetings everyday, and we collectively discussed what needed to get done, and who would be assigned what tasks.

Joshua Zeigler, the Construction Coordinator, showed up from Salt Lake City and the both of us got along immediately, which was good since we both were living in the same room for a month. While the rest of the Art Department was busy with their tasks, Josh and I delved into all the sets that needed to be built for the film. We poured over all the sketches, drafts and blueprints I had and started making a list of all the supplies we would need. This was the transition from concepts on notepads to thousands of dollars of lumber and tools. We became regulars at the local hardware store, and though the projects we were starting to undertake were massive, Josh always had a professional coolness, sense of humor and a realist’s point of view that instilled calmness. I was especially glad of this because Josh was literally going to be the only person building 95% of all our sets!
Concept of House - 1 Concept of House - 2 Drafting - Interiors Flats Drafting - Interior Upstairs Elevation Drafting - Interior Upstairs Overhead Drafting - Exterior Build Overhead 1st Floor Drafting - Exterior Build Bird Eye Drafting - Exterior House Front Drafting - Exterior House Side

Feature filmmaking is an interesting creature. At first everyone is excited to make movies and willing to work long days with little recognition. However, what happens when you enter week two of an eight week process, with no day off in sight? What happens when you are just at the beginning of an enormous project and you’ve never felt so overwhelmed and alone in your life?


Sundance Day 6- A Monster on a Snowboard

Erica Harrell

Photo Update for Day 6 – Posted 1/22/08

Daneau and Hudson ready for the Mountain Daneau, Hudson, Harrell at the Park City Resort Uhlfelder and Hudson at Utah Film Luncheon Frozen Windshield Daneau readies for the icy drive into Salt Lake City Daneau, Phil Peters from UCF, Cowboy Ted Hallisey, Harrell, and Hudson after dinner in Salt Lake City Daneau meets actor Jake Johnson in Salt Lake City Terri and Jake Johnson at their Salt Lake City Hotel

SNOW SNOW SNOW! We awoke to a world covered in about 6 inches of fresh powder. Today was our earliest day at Sundance as we had Snowboard lessons scheduled for 9am. I wasn’t feeling great and missed the lesson. Neither Danny or Bryce have ever snowboarded; and it was sure to be an entertaining event. After a couple rides down the slope and a whole lot of wipe outs, Danny and Bryce finally got the hang of it. It was great taking a break from the craziness of the festival, and surprisingly enough the slopes were empty. From snowboarding we all headed straight up to the Sundance House on Main Street, snowpants and all, to attend the Utah Film Commission Brunch. Lets start by saying the Guacamole was amazing!
Phil Peters arrived from UCF (he will be speaking on the panel tomorrow with us) and Scott came as well. The lunch was great, our panel and the film were announced and promoted by Marshall Moore and the rest of the Utah Film Commission.
After the panel we went back to the slopes for some more snowboarding. Which was really fun, I felt a little bit better and went up with Bryce and Danny once. After returning our gear, we headed out to Salt Lake City to have dinner with Cowboy Ted from Kane County and Phil Peters. We had Mexican food (sadly no gaucamole) and talked for a long time about shooting our film, the Utah Film Incentive, and our plans for tomorrow. After this dinner; I feel really good about the panel and our presentation.
Tonight The Johnsons arrived (Terry, Les and Jake) and we headed over to meet them at their hotel in Salt Lake. Seeing Jake as a kid and not as “Darrell” again was really cool. The Johnsons are really wonderful and we are so excited to have Jake be on our panel tomorrow as well.
We will have some new pics up tomorrow morning… as soon as Danny recovers from snowboarding!


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