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Screening at Bend Film Festival

Official Selection, "The Attic Door"Do you live in the north west? If so come out to Bend, Oregon next weekend for their wonderful little film festival where THE ATTIC DOOR will be screening as an Official Selection. Meet the filmmakers Danny Daneau, Erica Harrell, and Eric Ernst and help us push for an Audience Award!

We will be screening Friday and Saturday at 3pm. Hope to see you there!


Special Screening At Florida Film Festival!

We are proud to share a special test screening at our home town festival in Orlando: the Florida Film Festival. This is a one night only ticket so if you are in the area please buy now, tickets are going fast!

You can purchase tickets here.

A lot of the crew will be at the screening, including director Danny Daneau, producer Erica Harrell, writer Eric Ernst, and production designer Alex Eastwood. It’s going to be a great time and we cannot wait to share with all our friends, family, and supporters!

Florida Film Festival 2009


Jake Unmarried

Eric Ernst

It’s a nice moment when you can watch the efforts of colleagues come to life on the screen, whether it be in something you made and are watching for the first time, or someone else’s project. It’s especially nice when that moment is a surprise, like the one I had last night while watching the CBS comedy Gary Unmarried.

On the show, Jay Mohr plays a newly-divorced dad trying to readjust to single life and having joint custody of his children. In last night’s episode, “Gary Goes First”, Gary and his ex-wife fight over who is going to be there for the “firsts” in their children’s lives – first concert, first shave, etc. In their competition, they accelerate the kids’ lives, forcing them to go through things they’re not quite ready for, like Gary’s ex trying to send their daughter Louise on her first date with her friend Scotty, played by our very own Jake Johnson!

Jake on Gary Unmarried

Below is a link to the episode. Jake appears at the 12:08 mark, but watch the whole episode if you have time – it’s a funny show and has a nice family dynamic that is missing from most television shows.

Gary Unmarried – Gary Goes First

Congratulations to Jake on this guest starring role!


Article in the Future

Director Danny Daneau - Photo by Sharon WeaverOver the Thanksgiving holiday, The Central Florida Future wrote a great article about our video podcast series, BEHIND THE ATTIC DOOR. The Future is the official school newspaper for the University of Central Florida where I graduated with an MFA degree and where I met co-writer Eric Ernst, producer Erica Harrell, cinematographer Scott Uhlfelder, and production designer Alex Eastwood. Needless to say, we have a strong connection to the university and we are proud that they continue to support our efforts.

Read the full article here.


Behind the Attic Door – Episode 1 – A New Frontier

We are proud to present the very first episode of Behind the Attic Door.

Documentary filmmakers Chris Walker and Roman Safiullin have created seven episodes about a group of young filmmakers, on the verge of realizing their childhood dreams, who must journey to the desolate American West in order to realize their vision.

Please stay tuned to the blog every week for a new episode. Even more, help us spread the word. Link our video to other blogs, forums, and social network profiles (our facebook and myspace). Leave us reviews and ratings! Thanks for the unwavering support and we hope you enjoy.

Please check out our video profiles:
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Behind the Attic Door – Episode 1 – A New Frontier from The Attic Door on Vimeo.



Long Time No Blog

Erica Harrell

Hey… Soooo.. This is awkward…Its nice seeing you again blog. I’m sorry I haven’t written or visited you lately. Its been a tough/crazy/rewarding couple of months for us. Danny made a trip to LA and met up with our composer Kristin Dyrud and our Sound Mixer Erik Schuiten. I have been working at a breakneck pace on Entourage which also is why I haven’t been able to blog. But enough excuses…..

On Saturday April 19th, we had a wonderful day of ADR with our cast and Erik in his studio at Endless Noise. After the session we went up to the Johnsons’ house in Valencia California. The Johnsons and Davenports had a wonderful BBQ prepared for us!
Our little reunion included Cory Johnson, Carmen Tabanyi, Natalie Sakai, Kristin Dyrud, Bryce Hudson, Eric Ernst, Danny, and of course Madison, Jake, Caryn, Gage, and Zach!!!!!

It was really wonderful seeing everyone again and being able to relax and have a great time after all of the hard work that has gone into post production. Kristin and Natalie had a chance to meet some of the wonderful people that worked with us during production which is rare for a post producer and a composer.Thank you so much to The Johnsons and The Davenports!!! Check out all of the fun pics!

Our Hosts, Les and Teri Johnson - Picture Lock Party Our Hosts, Jennifer and Brandon Davenport - Picture Lock Party The Usual Suspects - Picture Lock Party Cheers - Picture Lock Party Danny Daneau and Carmen Tabanyi - Picture Lock Party The Moms - Jennifer Davenport and Teri Johnson - Picture Lock Party Natalie Sakai and Erica Harrell - Picture Lock Party How did Caryn Johnson get that..oh..it's Root Beer - Picture Lock Party Bryce Hudson, Natalie Sakai, Kristin Dyrud, and Scott Uhlfelder - Picture Lock PartyScott Uhlfelder and Bryce Hudson - Picture Lock Party Danny Daneau and Eric Ersnt Caught with Cake - Picture Lock Party Scott Uhlfelder - Picture Lock Party Erica Harrell and Eric Ersnt - Picture Lock Party Madison Davenport and Danny Daneau - Picture Lock Party Really Good Party - Picture Lock Party



Writer Eric Ernst posted the following entry June 2nd, 2007 where he describes his writing process and dealing with conflict. Read the orginal post here.

Eric Ernst

Most books on screenwriting will tell you that the most important element in your script, above plot, above character, above everything is conflict. Which makes sense, as conflict is the most basic of elements, since it encompasses both character and plot. Most story conflicts can be boiled down to a simple “man vs.”. Man vs. man, man vs. nature, man vs. himself; there is a multitude of possibilities. The “man” almost always refers to the protagonist and whatever is on the other side of the vs. almost always refers to the antagonist. The word protagonist can usually be substituted for hero, and antagonist for villian, as these are basically newer terms used to replace older, more specific ones, much like Istanbul replaced Constantinople as the name of the capital of Turkey. Odd example, but you get the point.

Conflict is then derived from the battle, whether physical or not, between the hero and villian. The tension that comes from these two forces working against each other is the conflict, which usually culminates in a thrilling, combustible scene, known as the climax. There are a plethora of films in which these scenes occur, but many times, they do not. For example, the conflict in The Sixth Sense could be considered man vs. the supernatural, but there is never a confrontation between the two, instead just a chilling reveal. While some might see this as a detriment, there is also good that comes of it, for it helps to instill patience in the audience. Of course, there are things that can go awry, killing your chances for a satisfied audience. I’m not slamming M. Night Shyamalan, but Lady in the Water is a prime example of this.
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