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Scott Uhlfelder gets into Sundance!

[singlepic id=118 w=320 h=240 float=right] Great news today for our cinematographer, Scott Uhlfelder. The narrative feature Douchbag, which Scott shot a year after our film, was announced as part of the Sundance 2010 U.S. DRAMATIC COMPETITION! This is a huge honor and we could not be more proud of him. From all your friends at “The Attic Door,” congratulations Scott!!

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Here is the full Sundance line up.


“A beautiful, low key thriller – THE ATTIC DOOR is a must see”

Thank you to Marina Antunes at Quiet Earth for such a glowing review of our little film. 8.5/10 is truly an honor and your words melted our hearts.

Opening scenes are a little like first impressions: the good and bad stand out while the mediocre blend together into the background. It’s been some time since a film’s opening stood out. So long in fact that I can’t recall a particularly memorable one in the last few years and then I sit down with a small independent film titled The Attic Door and I see an opening which, in its opening 5 minutes, mesmerized. The combination of framing, music and the confusion of the scene, seen out of context from the rest of the film, are so outstanding that it will be a long while before it dislodges itself from my mind. The same is true for the film.

The potential for things going wrong when working with kids is great, particularly in a movie like The Attic Door which relies solely on the performance of the two children. There are no distractions here: no additional characters to deflect bad performances, little music or action to hide what doesn’t work and they’re unnecessary because both Madison Davenport and Jake Johnson do what many actors can’t: they fill the empty, quiet moments of the story with emotion and depth. Their performances are wonderful and both give off an air of being wise beyond their years.

I loved everything about The Attic Door, the low key score from Kristin Øhrn Dyrud, Scott Uhlfelder‘s gorgeous cinematography which captures the desert in both its beauty and menace, the performances and the delicacy of the story which reveals itself in small measured steps, building anticipation and dread with each passing scene.

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Images from the Film

Please feel free to download by right clicking on the image and selecting “Save Linked File.” Each image is 300dpi – 2400×1282. Cinematographer Scott Uhlfelder.
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Pictures from Utah Screening

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The Road is Blocked

Writer Eric Ernst and Director Danny Daneau

Producer Erica Harrell and Writer Eric Ernst talking to Jon Bowden of THE BIG PICTURE

from left to right: Danny Daneau, Laura C. Lopez-Daneau, Erica Harrell, Eric Ernst, Scott Uhlfelder

Scott Uhlfelder, Cinematographer


On the Road back to Utah

Danny Daneau

Those of you who have followed our film from the beginning will know that Southern Utah was where our project came to life. What was only a dream for a few young and eager first time filmmakers was made possible thanks to the support and a generous grant from a small town called Kanab. It was been a long journey from when we shot the film to where we are now. We spent a lot of time in post production, tweaking and re-tweaking. We had a few screenings and learned what was working and what needed to be fine tuned. Finally, a few weeks ago, we had our first screening of the completed project and was honored to win “Best Feature” “Best Cinematogrpahy” and “Best Score” at the 2009 Bend Film Festival.

Tonight Erica Harrell (producer), Eric Ernst (writer), Scott Uhlfelder (Cinematographer), my wife Laura C. Lopez-Daneau and I will travel back to Kanab to share a screening with the town at the 2009 Red Rock Film Festival. This place is very special to us and returning with the film evokes many emotions. We’ll make sure to blog some pictures over the weekend, so please stay tuned.


The Production Team

Director Danny Daneau

Writer/Director Danny Daneau Danny Daneau is a celebrated film editor and an up-and-coming film director. Raised in southwest Florida, Daneau graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Central Florida School of Film where his numerous award winning projects played in over forty film festivals around the world. THE ATTIC DOOR was his thesis project and also his first directorial feature length film. After also cutting THE ATTIC DOOR, Daneau began a career as a film editor. Currently he is wrapping up on the coming-of-age drama FREE RIDE, produced by and starring Anna Paquin. Daneau’s work as an editor has been featured in CinemaEditor Magazine, and warmly reviewed in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Huffington Post.

As a child Daneau was gripped with extreme versions of common childhood fears. This all seemed to start at the age of eight when he was diagnosed with a life threatening connective tissue disease. As a young child, this meant there would be a good chance the disease would increase as his body grew. Doctors told his parents they were unsure how long he had to live if the disease worsened. Trying to understand mortality at such a young age lead to the creation of supernatural terrors that would haunt his every bedtime. Now, years later having outgrown the disease, THE ATTIC DOOR is his attempt to understand, capture, and accept the truth behind those childhood fears. 

Currently, Daneau resides in Los Angeles with his filmmaker wife, Laura C. Lopez, and is looking forward to future directorial projects.

Erica Harrell, Producer Producer Erica Harrell, the child of Cuban immigrants, was born and raised in the humid suburbs of Florida. While receiving her BA from the University of Central Florida, Erica produced her first short films, “Cat’s Bad Hair Day” and “No Boots on the Bed”. Harrell then directed her first documentary short “In the Nude” which explored the family lives of Nudists in Florida. In 2004, Harrell went to Barbados where she directed second unit on a feature length documentary called “Chattel House” which chronicled the development and change in Barbadian cultural history via the architecture of the Chattel Houses.

Harrell then began development on two narrative feature films. After collaborating very closely with the writer-directors, Harrell executive produced “The Attic Door” and “Acts of Mercy”. “The Attic Door” won Best Feature, Best Cinematography, and Best Score at the Bend Film Festival. “Acts of Mercy” was an official selection of the Shanghai Film Festival and the La Femme Film Festival in Los Angeles. These two films were funded in parts by the Utah State Film Commission, the Kane County Film Commission and by a grant from Women in Film in Florida. Recently, Harrell completed post production on her third feature film, “2 28.”  This film is based on a once anonymous blog that chronicled the day-to-day emotional roller coaster of suddenly testing positive for HIV.

Erica Harrell is currently working at Sony Pictures Entertainment coordinating 10 shows for Fox, Showtime, ABC, NBC and CBS while honing her love and passion for television directing.

Eric Ernst, Writer Writer Eric Ernst – born in the waning months of the magical 1970s – spent his formative years in a small, rural town in Florida, avoiding alligators and the humidity (not the heat), and living off the sage wisdom once dispensed to him by baseball charlatan Pete Rose: “You snooze, you lose, kid.”

A member of the opening team of Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure theme park, Eric was accepted into the University of Central Florida’s School of Film and Digital Media program, earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts. It was here Eric met friends and colleagues Danny Daneau and Erica Harrell.

After graduation, Eric packed his wagon and headed west to Los Angeles to seek gainful employment. Not deterred by being bitten by a dog during his first job interview, he interned for the Kennedy/Marshall Company as a script reader. At the same time, he began writing The Attic Door with Danny Daneau. Receiving a production grant from the State of Utah, the film was shot over 25 days with only two child actors. The Attic Door sold out crowds along its entire festival run and won multiple awards at the BendFilm festival, including Best Feature.

Currently, Eric is in production on the webseries, “Vice Force Action Squad” and has worked with the writers of the HBO series “Enlightened” and “True Detective” and the hit Fox series “Ben & Kate”. He continues to develop projects for television, screen and the web, and writing for the retrospective music blog, “90s? Whatever.”

Behind the Scenes - 12

Cinematographer Scott Uhlfelder An LA transplant via South Florida, Scott Uhlfelder found his passion for cinematography while shooting skateboarding videos in the streets of Miami. He further refined his talents at the University of Central Florida where he was one of the most sought after directors of photography among his peers. It was in school and on set where. Scott was able to develop his natural style of shooting. In the last few years his work has appeared on screen at the Los Angeles Film Festival, AFI Fest, SXSW, Slamdance, and Sundance. In October of 2009, Scott was awarded “Best Cinematography” for his work on the independent feature, “The Attic Door” at the 2009 Bend Film Festival. Most recently, Scott will be attending the 2010 Sundance Film Festival where a feature film he shot is playing in competition (film title, Douchebag Dir: Drake Doremus).

Winner! “Best Feature” “Best Cinematography” and “Best Score”

We are proud to share that our little film won several awards tonight at the Bend Film Festival awards celebration. Scott Uhlfelder took home “Best Cinematography,” Kristin Dyrud took home “Best Score,” and the production team took home the coveted “Best Feature” prize. Thank you Bend and thank you everyone who helped support our film. We had an amazing time.


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