A few years ago Marina Atunes received an early copy of our film from our friends over at Screen/Read. She went on to write a wonderful review and has been a supporter of our project ever since. Today she’s back promoting the release of our film on iTunes and Amazon.

Check out her article here.

Excerpt From the Original Review

Rating: 8.5 out of 10
Opening scenes are a little like first impressions: the good and bad stand out while the mediocre blend together into the background. It’s been some time since a film’s opening stood out. So long in fact that I can’t recall a particularly memorable one in the last few years and then I sit down with a small independent film titled The Attic Door and I see an opening which, in its opening 5 minutes, mesmerized. The combination of framing, music and the confusion of the scene, seen out of context from the rest of the film, are so outstanding that it will be a long while before it dislodges itself from my mind. The same is true for the film

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