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A few years ago Marina Atunes received an early copy of our film from our friends over at Screen/Read. She went on to write a wonderful review and has been a supporter of our project ever since. Today she’s back promoting the release of our film on iTunes and Amazon.

Check out her article here.

Excerpt From the Original Review

Rating: 8.5 out of 10
Opening scenes are a little like first impressions: the good and bad stand out while the mediocre blend together into the background. It’s been some time since a film’s opening stood out. So long in fact that I can’t recall a particularly memorable one in the last few years and then I sit down with a small independent film titled The Attic Door and I see an opening which, in its opening 5 minutes, mesmerized. The combination of framing, music and the confusion of the scene, seen out of context from the rest of the film, are so outstanding that it will be a long while before it dislodges itself from my mind. The same is true for the film



Our friends over at themoviebox.net just featured our little movie on their fantastic site. Click here to read more.

Looking for something to watch over this weekend with a spooky, western vibe? Then, “The Attic Door” may be right up your alley. Available right now on iTunes and Amazon, this indie western thriller tells the nerve-racking story of two young siblings (Madison Davenport and Jake Johnson) who get abandoned by their parents, and are forced to fend for themselves, only to discover that their small family farm is, in fact, haunted by an ominous spirit. Sounds intriguing? You can watch the film’s equally nerve-racking trailer, which has been posted above.




Thanks to everyone who;s supported our film this week. It has truly been a dream come true for us. We should be live soon on dozens of other streaming sites. We’ll update everyone as soon as we have news.

If you haven’t yet, please take a few moments to write us a review on iTunes and Amazon. The more hits we get the more likely iTunes and Amazon will feature in a special section. It will only take one minute but would mean the world to us. Then share a link of your Facebook or Twitter page and tell your friends to do the same.

The Attic Door on iTunes



Rent or Download THE ATTIC DOOR on Amazon! Rent or Download THE ATTIC DOOR on iTunes We are proud to announce that our film has been acquired by prestigious indie distributor NEW VIDEO and is now available worldwide on iTunes and Amazon VOD and soon on streaming sites such as Netflix, Vudu, Best Buy CinemaNow, XBox Live, Playstation Network, Youtube, Hulu, and many more! This marks a huge milestone and a great honor for the filmmaking team.

YOU CAN HELP US A TON by visiting our iTunes page and giving us a positive review. Every good review puts us higher on the profiles of other audiences unaware of our little film. With better ratings we are also more likely to get featured in special, curated sections of iTunes.

You can also do the same on our Amazon page. Even if it’s a little blurb, it would mean the world to us.
This is a huge day for us. Thank you to our family, fans, friends, cast, crew, and everyone who has helped us in the smallest of ways; we wouldn’t have made it this far without you.



We’ve got a big announcement. In the meantime, help us out by becoming a fan of our facebook page and spreading the word.