Danny Daneau

One of our mentors, transmedia storyteller Mike Monello (The Blair Witch Project, Campfire NYC), told us earlier in producing THE ATTIC DOOR that once we’re finished with post production, we’re only half way there. I took the advice as anecdotal, with the purpose of instilling the weight of the distribution/exhibition process. Never did I think I would spend years trying to get the film seen. The journey has had it’s ups and downs, from festival and grant rejections to wining awards at festival like Bend. Finally, we are at the final stages of creating a DVD and hope to be working with a family DVD distributor to get our film on shelves. We are also having a premiere screening here in Los Angeles to celebrate the DVDs release. Please keep checking with us as we announce more to come.

During the process I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on my future career as a writer-director. I love the type of filmmaking we embraced on THE ATTIC DOOR; small, highly personal films that take place on a real location and try to be inspired by the landscape and people. A career in which I can get a film off the ground every three or four years that embraces these ideals would be a dream. So while I push like hell for the next one, I am so happy working as a film editor for my day job.

I have been so incredibly fortunate and deeply honored to be working with Emmy award winning producer, Janet Grillo, on her directorial debut film Fly Away. The film follows the journey of a single mother struggling to let go of her autistic teenaged daughter before it’s too late. It’s produced by the incredible Pavlina Hatoupis (Kaboom, Little Birds) and shot by old friend Sandra Valde who was the director of photography on my wife’s film, Acts of Mercy. I was very fortunate to get my break with Janet and the process has been so incredibly rewarding.

You can learn more about Fly Away on the official site and IMDB page.

The biggest event in my life over the past couple years has been getting married and moving to Los Angeles. I always wondered why all my newly wed friends disappeared for a year or so. Now I know how much fun it is to start fresh with someone and start building your life as adults. We’ve got a great little place and spend many weekends scavenging Apartment Therapy and hanging out with our new dog, Bean. All in all, life is great.

Thank you everyone who’s stuck with us. Please hang in there only a little longer :-)