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Ted Hope blog Discusses Alma Mater

The Attic Door was produced as part of the newly formed Master of Fine Arts program at the University of Central Florida. Under the guidance of producer Randy Finch (Outside Providence, The Substance of Fire), we spent hundreds of hours over three years developing the screenplay and fine tuning the cut. When it was all done, I not only graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree, but the mentorship I received while making the film was priceless.

A few days ago, Randy was invited by indie film visionary, Ted Hope, to discuss the MFA program on his blog Truly Free Film. Please take a read the article here: Integrating Entrepreneurial Training Into Graduate Film Programs


Theatrical Screenings and DVD

Coming very, very soon. Please stay tuned, and if you want to arrange a special screening in your hometown please contact us. In the meantime check out the front cover to the retail DVD!

*Note the pink line is where the printing will be cut.


Where Are They Now: Madison Davenport

We just got an update that our lead actress, Madison Davenport, will be starring in another TV movie this next Saturday. The film is called Dad’s Home and it premieres on the Hallmark Channel June 19 at 9pm EST. If you didn’t catch the other movie she was in recently on Lifetime Movie Network, Amish Grace, it is nominated for an Emmy for best TV Movie and is up against 3 HBO movies.

Below you will find a preview of the Dad’s Home and a couple interviews from Madison. Congrats Maddie!