Danny Daneau

Shanghai PosterThe team here at theatticdoormovie.com would like to congratulate our producer, Erica Harrell, who will be world premiering her other feature, ACTS OF MERCY at the Shanghai International Film Festival next week. Shanghai, with it’s corresponding film market, has been described as the “Cannes of Asia” and it is truly an honor to be invited to play in the International Panorama.

ACTS OF MERCY was also directed by my future wife, Laura Lopez. We both wrote, produced, and post produced our films together while attending the University of Central Florida’s Entrepreneurial Digital Cinema, Master of Fine Arts program. Working in those tight spaces had it’s affect on us, and we are to be married this Summer in her home country, Ecaudor!

Paying homage to classic noir films and thrillers, ACTS OF MERCY unveils the story of young nurse Maggie Collins as she begins caring for the charming but forgotten residents of Moss Oak Manor nursing home. Slowly, Maggie finds herself on an ethical minefield where good intentions turn into ambition, and mercy finds its way into murder. The film stars Tony and Emmy nominated actress, Tovah Feldshuh and upcoming star of Martin Scorsese’s Boardwalk Empire, Aleksa Paladino.

Once again, congratulations Laura and Erica.

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