Danny Daneau

Local Hero LogoThe Attic Door is a very large low budget film. Our production was continuously blessed with people and professionals who leant us a hand, or cut us a break. One of the greatest experiences we had was working intimately with Leandro Marini and his post production crew over at Local Hero Post. Scott Uhlfelder, the Director of Photography, and myself spent ten days in the darkness of the color correction suite searching the for the proper color choices for our final film.

This process is often overlooked and misunderstood by filmmakers. A proper D.I. (digital intermediate) is crucial to the storytelling. When filmmakers famously skip this process (PT Anderson for example), it is for a highly motivated and personal reason that is in tune with the central theme of the project. One only needs to watch what a proper DI can do to understand how important it is to the process.

Local Hero Post has included before and after video clips from our film on their site under “Main” and “Color Correct.” Check it out.

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