Erica Harrell

Sometimes its funny what my job as a producer entails. For instance, we have stumbled upon a batch of bad burned DVDs which means that every single DVD we now have cannot just be sent out even if it plays perfectly well in our Macs. Danny discovered the bad DVDs last week after he sent me a few.
He insisted I test each and every DVD in a real DVD player before sending out the movie to festivals as a screener. For me finding the time to sit in front of a tv and make sure a DVD is playing properly is really hard to do. However, tonight after working for 13 hours, my wonderful cousin Charlie randomly showed up at my apartment with a pizza and plenty of time to kill.

Bryce and I decided this was a good opportunity to show him, and our house guest Nick, the film. Having an audience experience something that you have worked so hard on really brings back the nostalgia of production. Like Jackie Rife (our biggest local Kanab, Utah supporter and former stunt woman) said, that red dirt is in my blood and I really miss Utah right now.

Even Bryce, who is usually nonchalant about his involvement in the film loves telling people about how he climbed up on that ladder and built that windmill. His new addition to that story is … “look it made it into the poster obviously it is important”.

I am happy to report that the DVD worked perfectly fine and I will be sending it out tomorrow to a lucky sales company. :)

Take Care!

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