Our award winning composer, Kristin Øhrn Dyrud, has been invited to take part writing for a cutting edge Norwegian film blog called Montages. In her latest entry she writes about her experiences on THE ATTIC DOOR:

Early on we decided that we wanted to limit the amount of instruments in the score. Financially it made sense as we were working on a relatively tight budget, but that wasn’t the main reason. The characters in the story are forced to utilize their available resources to their maximum in order to survive. Having very few instruments that were being used in all possible ways would reflect this. I also think I work more creatively when I have limitations. Especially since this film didn’t have much temp music at all, I had to come up with everything from scratch, which sometimes is a pretty daunting task.

You can check out some never before heard music tracks from the film’s soundtrack and read the full article here.

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