BY JUSTIN STROUT – Orlando Weekly, Film Critic

UCF’s Danny Daneau makes his feature directorial debut in this haunting mood piece about a brother and sister who are left by their parents to tend to the family’s farm in the 19th-century West. Tethered to isolation by the vast mountain range before them, they discover the horrors a mind can play when left to its own devices, and the deeper disquiet of time’s passage. Daneau couldn’t have chosen a tougher platform for his first time out, asking very young actors to command the screen alone for the film’s entirety with sparse dialogue and action. As the children, Madison Davenport (Kitt Kittredge: An American Girl) and Jake Johnson are as stiff as Daneau’s technique, but nothing in the movie is devoid of promising qualities. There are moments of genuine intensity, born out of Attic’s bold silence, and Susie Bench’s (correction – Kristin Øhrn Dyrud) mournful score is a standout. Now that he’s worked out some kinks, look for Daneau to progress even further on his next outing.

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