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Press – KOHD Interview

KOHD Daybreak interview for the Bend Film Festival. Featuring Eric Ernst (writer) and Danny Daneau (director). THE ATTIC DOOR went on to win “Best Feature” “Best Cinematography” and “Best Score” at the festival.


NightlightPictures.com Gets Overhauled!

Check out the brand new site for our production company Nightlight Pictures LLC. Features include interactive video experiences and a new director reel for Danny Daneau featuring never before clips from THE ATTIC DOOR!

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New Website for Nightlight Pictures (www.nightlightpictures.com)


Pictures from Utah Screening

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The Road is Blocked

Writer Eric Ernst and Director Danny Daneau

Producer Erica Harrell and Writer Eric Ernst talking to Jon Bowden of THE BIG PICTURE

from left to right: Danny Daneau, Laura C. Lopez-Daneau, Erica Harrell, Eric Ernst, Scott Uhlfelder

Scott Uhlfelder, Cinematographer


On the Road back to Utah

Danny Daneau

Those of you who have followed our film from the beginning will know that Southern Utah was where our project came to life. What was only a dream for a few young and eager first time filmmakers was made possible thanks to the support and a generous grant from a small town called Kanab. It was been a long journey from when we shot the film to where we are now. We spent a lot of time in post production, tweaking and re-tweaking. We had a few screenings and learned what was working and what needed to be fine tuned. Finally, a few weeks ago, we had our first screening of the completed project and was honored to win “Best Feature” “Best Cinematogrpahy” and “Best Score” at the 2009 Bend Film Festival.

Tonight Erica Harrell (producer), Eric Ernst (writer), Scott Uhlfelder (Cinematographer), my wife Laura C. Lopez-Daneau and I will travel back to Kanab to share a screening with the town at the 2009 Red Rock Film Festival. This place is very special to us and returning with the film evokes many emotions. We’ll make sure to blog some pictures over the weekend, so please stay tuned.


Our Casting Director Wins a Heller Award

Erica Silverman - Casting Director
A shout out to our wonderful casting director, Erica Silverman, who won a Heller Awards from the Talent Managers Association (TMA) Board of Directors at the 2009 Heller Award Ceremony for Outstanding Talent Agents on October 20, 2009. The event celebrates the people responsible for building actors’ careers and recognized their outstanding achievements and contributions to the entertainment industry.

Erica Silverman helped weed through hundreds of child actors, holding many casting calls and dealing with a lot of parents. She is single-handily responsible for finding our leads Jake Johnson and Madison Davenport, of which we owe the success of our entire film. We love you Erica and wish you many more successes.


Screening Near Our Production Home

The Attic Door Screening 11/14/09

We are particularly excited about our screening next week at the Red Rock Film Festival in southern Utah. This is only miles from our shooting location and we are thrilled to be able to share the film with the people who helped us make it. Because our film was a production grant winning project by the Kane County Office of Film and Tourism, we had an entire community of people pushing us forward and helping us with everything they could. Whether it was serving as a set photographer or driving cattle down a curvy dirt road into the heart of a remote canyon, we would not of been able to make the same movie without the people of the area. It was important for us to push for this festival because it gives us an opportunity to share the project with our second family and home.

THE ATTIC DOOR screens SAT. Nov. 14, 6:45 pm at the Bumbleberry Playhouse. If your around, please come on out.