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Checking In…

Danny Daneau

It has been a while since we last blogged. Erica and I have been working hard getting materials ready to enter the final stage of our film. We are submitting to festivals, sending out our press kits, and creating print material (ie posters and postcards) in order to get some buzz around our film. Please keep checking and and spreading the word. Send your friends links to our video podcast series, BEHIND THE ATTIC DOOR.

You can also visit our Facebook Page and become a fan! Post our page to your profile and invite your friends.

Keep with us over the next few weeks. We hope to be hearing back from film festivals and finishing our poster. All breaking news will be shared here first!


2009! Another year with The Attic Door

Erica Harrell

Happy New Year!

2008 was completely filled with editing and the completion of post production on The Attic Door, in which we were fortunate enough to work with some really wonderful people. We now look to 2009 and cannot wait to embark on the film’s final journey, it’s exhibition. We cannot begin to express how fortunate we were to have made this film and how excited we are to share it with everyone, especially the people who have been following this film for a long time through our blogs, web series, and word of mouth. Stay tuned as we hope to be debuting the official theatrical poster within the next few weeks.

I found this great picture of Danny and I taken last January at Sundance and marvel at how much has changed since then.
Danny Daneau and Erica Harrell after panel at Sundance 2008