Erica Harrell

Wow! Going back to Kanab and being able to enjoy the town and the parks that surround it was a completely different experience than shooting a film there last year.

The trip up for me was filled with excitement and a strange sense of calm. I was very excited that my dad was able to fly in from Florida to see the film as well as Danny’s and Bryce’s parents. I thank everyone who was able to make the journey to see something we all have been working so hard on for so long. In addition to my father I was also able to bring my beau Jeremiah who had never been to the West and he of course fell in love with the stunning red rocks of the region. Jeremiah had not seen any of the film prior to seeing it on the big screen in Kanab and I was really excited to share our work with him and the community of Kanab.

Walking through the streets of Kanab and seeing some of our old friends like Courtney and Cathy from the Parry Lodge and Jackie Hamblin-Rife was such a wonderful reminder of the hospitality that we received while making this film. (Of course eating at the Rewind Diner and the Rocking V Cafe were also exciting treats.)

Right now I am finishing up my last days on Entourage and I am headed back to Florida next week. Part two of this blog will feature pictures as soon as I find my camera and unpack!

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