Madison Davenport

Madison Davenport as Caroline - THE ATTIC DOOR
Hi, my name is Madison Davenport, I am 11 years old, in 6th grade and I play Caroline in the movie! It was ssssoooo fun working on the set of THE ATTIC DOOR. Everyone was so nice and I made a lot of really great friends! We filmed the movie in Utah (I still have the red dirt on my shoes to prove it). When you see the movie than you can definitely tell that all the locations we shot were gorgeous!

The movie itself is beautiful too. I got to work with Jake Johnson who played Darrel, we go to school together! I also got to work with the most awesome directer ever (not even exagerating) Danny Daneau. My whole experiance was amazing and I loved watching the movie. Oh wait I’m getting ahead of myself! My character Caroline is very motherly and is very strict yet loving at the same time. During the movie she is always hoping and knowing that her parents will come back. Now Darrel on the other hand is very childlike and playful yet he seems to want to care for his sister.

Danny is an amazing director, he lets you put a little bit of youreself into your character. I had so much fun. Thank you soo much Danny and thank you to everyone who helped put this project together!

Madison Davenport

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