The following post was written May 28th, 2008 and chronicles our our pre production scouting of Kane County, Utah. Read the original with comments here.

Erica Harrell

Last weekend Danny, myself, Eric Ernst, and our Director of Photography, Scott Uhlfelder did a preliminary technical scout of all our interior and exterior locations. A Technical Scout or “Tech Scout” is when the director and usually several of his department heads go through the locations and note with great detail how each scene will be accomplished. Almost always the DP talks about what special equipment is needed on which days or how to light a particular scene given the location. For instance, the hallways and doorways in the Heritage House are almost too small for a classic dolly to fit in, but Scott was able to creatively suggest alternates ways of achieving the shots Danny desires.

Flexibility is key when shooting in a historical home like the Heritage House. When Danny and Eric scientifically measured each door, window, room and hallway they discovered none of the measurements were the same. The information they gathered in the home will then be handed over to our production designer Alex Eastwood so his team can construct flats and other materials we will need for the interiors of the Heritage House.

Our scout of Paria determined exactly where we will be constructing our exteriors. Danny and I alternated taking measurements of the distance from where we will build to determine what the camera will see from certain distances. We did not want to jeopardize our shoot by placing the structure in an inappropriate place. We also wanted to make sure we were maximizing every possible angel of the beautiful scenery.

Overall the Tech Scout was a huge success and now we know what we have to accomplish shooting our interiors as well as our exteriors.

Director of Photography Scott Uhlfelder
Scott Uhlfelder, Director of Photography
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