Eric Ernst

It’s a nice moment when you can watch the efforts of colleagues come to life on the screen, whether it be in something you made and are watching for the first time, or someone else’s project. It’s especially nice when that moment is a surprise, like the one I had last night while watching the CBS comedy Gary Unmarried.

On the show, Jay Mohr plays a newly-divorced dad trying to readjust to single life and having joint custody of his children. In last night’s episode, “Gary Goes First”, Gary and his ex-wife fight over who is going to be there for the “firsts” in their children’s lives – first concert, first shave, etc. In their competition, they accelerate the kids’ lives, forcing them to go through things they’re not quite ready for, like Gary’s ex trying to send their daughter Louise on her first date with her friend Scotty, played by our very own Jake Johnson!

Jake on Gary Unmarried

Below is a link to the episode. Jake appears at the 12:08 mark, but watch the whole episode if you have time – it’s a funny show and has a nice family dynamic that is missing from most television shows.

Gary Unmarried – Gary Goes First

Congratulations to Jake on this guest starring role!

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