Erica Harrell

I can’t believe Christmas is next week! On Monday Danny and I got together to do our annual The Attic Door Christmas cards (look for yours in the mail soon). We are so thankful to have such wonderful and loyal supporters of this film and many new friends of the film as well.

While filling out the hundereds of cards it was nice to think back on the wonderful people of Kanab, our stellar production crew and our wonderful post production team. Amother year and come and gone and we are so glad that you are in our lives. Please keep us updated on what you guys are working on, who you are dating or marrying, and all these other wonderful things that maybe going on in your lives.

And of course we will update you guys on the film’s progress and what is coming up for Danny, myself and Nightlight Pictures.

Merry Christmas And have a wonderful New Year!

Santa Visits Set in Kanab During Production - Actors Davenport and Johnson with siblings.
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