Erica Harrell

The economy in the last few weeks has been on a wild roller coaster ride and no one is sure when it will end. Many of us are facing cutbacks and job loss. An independent filmmakers we have a lot at stake in the future films. We have our investors to think about as well as being able to provide for ourselves. Of course we are really excited and thankful to have the films that we have, but many of us are wondering what the future of indie filmaking and indie film distributing will be like.

I found this article on IndieWire today that talks a bit about film financing during these hard times. The article points out that some producers are still able to find funding through private investors who have not been too affected by the stock market crashes. However budgets are getting smaller and production is slowing down. The more dismal news in this article for films like “The Attic Door” may be that buyers are way more limited. Gone are the indie powerhouse distributors like ThinkFilm and Warner Independent. Hopefully change will be coming for filmmakers like us and many others around the world.

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