Erica Harrell

So I promised more blogging but I totally haven’t delivered. So here’s the updates: Danny is currently escaping with his family in Bonita Springs, locking himself in his old childhood bedroom to plow through another cut of A Monster in the Attic. Our doc crew, Roman and Chris, are busy searching through over a 100 hours of behind the scenes footage in order to be ready for the Making a Monster premiere February 29th. Eric is super busy at his job at Montana Artists, while I have been completely overwhelmed at Entourage.

Today is 41 days until picture lock and we are really excited to be able to begin the final leg of post production!!! After picture lock, our composer KKristin Øhrn Dyrud and our sound mixer Erik Schuiten will begin putting the final touches on the soundtrack. Danny will be guiding them through this process while I do fun things like figure out deliverables, and set up meetings to begin screening the film for distributors, producers reps, and film festival programmers.

Soon we will be announcing our exact dates of our Cast and Crew Screening which will be held in Kanab!

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