Danny Daneau

It has felt like a long time has passed since our first trip to Kanab, Utah in March of 2007. It was our location scout where we first saw those epic red rocks and met some of the wonderful people in the town. On July 24th, 2007 we started production on the film and on August 23rd we wrapped.

This Friday, August 22nd, we will do a special invitation only screening of THE ATTIC DOOR for the people in Kanab and some of our crew. This will be our first trip back to Kanab since we wrapped and the first time an audience will watch the movie. Yesterday was going to be the day I fly with my family out of Ft. Myers International Airport to Phoenix, Arizona then drive to Kanab, but our flight was canceled due to Tropical Storm Fay.

Tropical Storm Fay

Now we are sitting in the airport ready to fly. The storm has passed and is actually gaining strength as it hits further north. I am anxious about the screening as it will be the first audience to watch the movie and it will be filled with the people who helped make it happen.

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