Danny Daneau

Hello everyone. Thanks for checking in with film and your unwavering support. Over the past month, Erica and I have taken vacation away from the blog to better prepare for the next stage in the life of our film: exhibition and distribution. We’ve also been preparing for the launch of the webisodic video podcast series, Behind the Attic Door, which will premiere on the blog Wednesday, October 8th.

In other news, our lead actress Madison Davenport’s new movie, Humboldt County, opened yesterday in select theatres. Madison has been recieving some wonderful reviews. Here’s a sample:

“She’s a magnetic presence who remains cute and funny throughout, but avoids being overly precocious, a la Dakota Fanning.” – NICK MOORE The Daily Californian

“Charity (Madison Davenport), who despite being in grade school and constantly surrounded by marijuana smoke is sharp, bright and embodying the innocence of youth. 4.5/5.” Martin Malloy – SF Station

“Also watch for a great 11-year old girl performance by Madison Davenport, from whom we’ll be seeing more, I guarantee it.” – Christian Kallen- PressDemocrat.com

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