Danny Daneau

As Erica mentioned in her last post, I have returned to my childhood home in Bonita Springs, Florida to escape with two hard drives and my computer and continue cutting the film. Being back home provides the perfect escape. I can turn my old bedroom into an editing suite and not worry about anything but cutting all day long. Unfortunately because of work and life, I can only be here for one week. So I’ve made it my mission to get through as much as possible.

We are now 40 days away from picture lock. Panic has set in a few times, but I feel we are on track. It’s amazing how many times I heard growing up and through my film school career that a film is written three times; first on the page, then on the set, and finally in the editing room. I never really could appreciate this idea until I was sitting with my first feature in front of me. The film really has a life and voice of it’s own and I’m getting closer everyday to finding what it’s try to say. I am so pleased with the direction the film is now heading. I am feeling confident with our deadline.

Bonita Springs Florida
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