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ELLEgirl and Madison Davenport

Our lead actress, Madison Davenport, continues promoting her new film Kit Kittredge: An American Girl. Check out the Q and A on the ELLEgirl Blog.


Madison Davenport on CW11 New York

Check out this video interview where our lead actress, Madison Davenport, talks about her role on Kit Kittredge: An American Girl.

Click here to watch.


Scholastic Star Spotlight of Madison Davenport

Madison Davenport Scholastic Photo

Check out this great interview in Scholastic News of our lead actress Madison Davenport. She discusses her role in the film Kit Kitridge: An American Girl (now playing in select cities), but also happens to mention our film a few times.

Thanks Madison!

Read the article here.

Keep checking in for updates!


Maddie’s Movie Opens Tomorrow!

Do you live in LA, New York, Chicago, Atlanta or Dallas? If so, check out our lead actor, Madison Davenport, starring as Kit’s best friend Ruthie Smithens in Kit Kitridge: An American Girl. For everyone else, the film opens wide July 2nd.

Check out Madison in this collection of interviews:


In the Attic – Newsletter Issue 5

Danny Daneau

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In the Attic - Newsletter 5

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Long Time No Blog

Erica Harrell

Hey… Soooo.. This is awkward…Its nice seeing you again blog. I’m sorry I haven’t written or visited you lately. Its been a tough/crazy/rewarding couple of months for us. Danny made a trip to LA and met up with our composer Kristin Dyrud and our Sound Mixer Erik Schuiten. I have been working at a breakneck pace on Entourage which also is why I haven’t been able to blog. But enough excuses…..

On Saturday April 19th, we had a wonderful day of ADR with our cast and Erik in his studio at Endless Noise. After the session we went up to the Johnsons’ house in Valencia California. The Johnsons and Davenports had a wonderful BBQ prepared for us!
Our little reunion included Cory Johnson, Carmen Tabanyi, Natalie Sakai, Kristin Dyrud, Bryce Hudson, Eric Ernst, Danny, and of course Madison, Jake, Caryn, Gage, and Zach!!!!!

It was really wonderful seeing everyone again and being able to relax and have a great time after all of the hard work that has gone into post production. Kristin and Natalie had a chance to meet some of the wonderful people that worked with us during production which is rare for a post producer and a composer.Thank you so much to The Johnsons and The Davenports!!! Check out all of the fun pics!

Our Hosts, Les and Teri Johnson - Picture Lock Party Our Hosts, Jennifer and Brandon Davenport - Picture Lock Party The Usual Suspects - Picture Lock Party Cheers - Picture Lock Party Danny Daneau and Carmen Tabanyi - Picture Lock Party The Moms - Jennifer Davenport and Teri Johnson - Picture Lock Party Natalie Sakai and Erica Harrell - Picture Lock Party How did Caryn Johnson get that..oh..it's Root Beer - Picture Lock Party Bryce Hudson, Natalie Sakai, Kristin Dyrud, and Scott Uhlfelder - Picture Lock PartyScott Uhlfelder and Bryce Hudson - Picture Lock Party Danny Daneau and Eric Ersnt Caught with Cake - Picture Lock Party Scott Uhlfelder - Picture Lock Party Erica Harrell and Eric Ersnt - Picture Lock Party Madison Davenport and Danny Daneau - Picture Lock Party Really Good Party - Picture Lock Party