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The Return of the WGA

Eric Ernst
Writer, non-striking

After a three-month stalemate, the WGA strike is nearly over. Mere weeks after the Directors Guild of America reached a settlement months ahead of schedule, the Writer’s Guild has come to one of their own. Details were hammered out Thursday, the language was agreed upon late Friday night (really early Saturday morning) and WGA members will vote to end the strike on Tuesday, with the new plan to be approved within 10 days.

The WGA has allowed showrunners, who typically have an equal amount of producing duties as they do writing for their respective shows, to go back to work Monday, before the vote. If the strike is called off, writers will return on Wednesday.

Of course, knowing how writers work, most will spend a week cleaning their office or finally getting around to repainting before actually writing anything. And then those shelves need to go up. Plus I’ve never really been happy with how the furniture is arranged in here. Also, the light doesn’t scatter right. And you know, by that point it’s almost going to be time for hiatus, so might as well just wait until next season to start.


New Facebook Page

You can find us now on Facebook. Just click the badge below to be taken to our Facebook Fan Page. A fan page is sort of like a group, with the added benefit that anyone can access it. You don’t even need a facebook profile. Check it out. Become a fan. Help spread the word.

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Daneau and Harrell on Media Talk Live

Danny Daneau

Last Thursday, Erica Harrell and I had an interview with Media Talk/Tampa Digital Studios. We talked about the Sundance, the panel, the project, and the challenges during production. Check it out below:


Actor Madison Davenport at SXSW 2008

Madison Davenport with cast of Humboldt County The film Humboldt County, starring Fairuza Balk, Peter Bogdanovich, Frances Conroy, and our very own Madison Davenport, will be world premiering at this year SXSW Film Festival (read full story here). We here at A Monster in the Attic want to congratulate Madison and the filmmakers and wish them luck out in Austin.

About the Film:
When Peter Hadley, a promising yet disillusioned medical student, stumbles upon an eccentric community of marijuana farmers, his life will never be the same.

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Monster Footage Leaked

Danny Daneau

What’s the point of going on when all your hard word is robbed from your fingertips? I guess someone was able to hack into my hard drives and post the climax of our movie on YouTube. ;-)

Thanks Sean Heyboer for the find.


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