Erica Harrell

Friday the 27th was our productions 1st Day Off!!!!! Well it was’nt a total day off for the production team certain paperwork still had to be done for the next day and the schedule needed to be adjusted to fit what scenes we now owed with what time we have left. The callsheets, production reports, and sides for actors and crew had to be made and ready for Saturday.

Many of our crew members had the opportunity to visit some of the 4 national parks in this area. Some went to Bryce Canyon, some to Zion, some went to the Simpsons Movie in St. George. I personally went to the Grand Canyon which is about 80 miles away from Kanab. It was a bit cloudy but still and amazing site.

Upon returning to Kanab, I had a quick meeting with Danny. Turns out he has some sort of rash that could be stress induced. Luckily for Danny and the rest of my crew, his sister Christine who is a registered nurse is here in Kanab with us. It is customary to have a set medic with a crew at all times during production as there are many things that could happen to crew or cast. For instance, when Jake got ill on our second day, Christine was able to tell us that he was not in fact going to be well enough to shoot for the rest of the day. She will also be around for any scrapes or bruises that could happen when you mix crew and heavy equipment. Yay for Christine!

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