Danny Daneau

Looking back at my childhood, I can now laugh at how frightened I used to be. I know all kids are scared of some things, but in my case, it was just pathetic. For example, I would shower with the curtain open half way so I could keep my eye on the door in the case a murderer wanted to join me. That door would have a facecloth propped in the doorway so I would not be locked in and trapped. I didn’t have any mirrors in my room until I was fifteen in the fear that I would see a ghost in the reflection. Closet doors remained closed at all times and nightly I found myself rocking back and forth in bed chanting happy thoughts such as, “Disney World, Disney World, Mickey Mouse, Disney World.”

When conceiving the story for A MONSTER IN THE ATTIC I often found myself returning to those many memories. Why do most kids imagine these monsters under their bed and boogeymen in their closet? What made me, as a child, more afraid then others? Is there a common root to these fears that unites us all? Do the monsters ever really go away when we grow up? These questions lead me back to a single event in my past that would inspire the monster in this film.

Danny Daneau at the Heritage House
Second story of our film location.
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