Danny Daneau

Over the past few months I’ve been working closely with a very talented storyboard artist named Ana Bruno who is based out Tampa, Florida. The process is long and can be tedious, but the results are incredibly exciting and well worth the time.

The idea behind storyboarding is to pre-visualize a shot, sequence, or an entire concept before beginning any type of production. Based off the script, a director will come up with a basic “shot list” for a scene and then describe to an artist the way the elements interact and play out. The artist then sketches the series of shots onto panels with some words underneath the picture describing the action. These panels are placed in order and can then communicate everything a film crew needs to know about a scene.

Where and how the actors will move? How the camera will move in relation to the actors? How the actors and camera will move in relation to the physical space in their world? All of these questions are answered in these panels and provide valuable insight to all the production departments.

On a tight budget, like ours, this process can save much time and money. We decided to storyboard every page of the entire script. This way we can flip through, picture by picture, and practically watch the entire film before our eyes. We can see what works and what doesn’t work. We can start working through problems before arriving on set and discover new possibilities we would not of foreseen without the help of this visual aid.

I have taken numerous trips to Tampa and Ana has stayed up countless nights to realize this goal. Last time I went to visit, her right hand was in a splint and when I asked her what happened she said, “don’t worry, it’s just taking a break.” In the end I want Ana to know that her pain and perseverance has helped to make this film something truly special. I appreciate all the hard work.

Below you will find some examples of a sequence we’ve boarded. Enjoy.

Ana Bruno
Bruja Entertainment

Scene 8Scene 9

Scene 12 Page 1Scene 12 Page 2Scene 12 Page 3

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