Erica Harrell

Filmmaking is always a roller coaster of emotions and levels of difficulty. Where day 2 was a great day with both kids, day 3 was from the beginning going to be a challenge because of Madison needing to leave early to shoot her new film.
Crew call was 7am and everything was all set and ready, we shot a few scenes we needed that morning, but when we got to a scene in the dining room, Jake got a really sick on set and had to leave. Production took a 2 hour lunch break, and then had to wrap because we didnt have either actor to work with. As disheartening as that was, at least Jake was going to get better. Cory then had to reevaluate the schedule and he decided that taking Friday off was a great option for our crew so Jake would have an extra day to recover.
The first AD is a critical position to any crew, they are responsible for running the entire set while being a liaison between the director and the rest of the crew. They set the pace of the day and make on the spot decisions that ultimately make the movie happen in a more efficient way while making sure the director does’nt have to compromise his or her artistic vision too much in order to make each day happen. As a producer, I have to trust Cory’s instincts on how to proceed with our days when we are shooting and which days to take off. I believe the 1st AD has one of the toughest jobs on the set because he or she must explain why things are going poorly if ever they go poorly. So far Cory has run this production very well and I am very happy to have him on our team.
So as day 2 ended, we are behind but not at a point of panic because of our teams alternate strategies.

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