Erica Harrell

Yay for Day 2! Since all day 1s have mishaps, I was pretty excited about Day 2. We got a back up generator from Las Vegas while our other genny was being repaired. Madison and Jake were amazing! We did 21 set ups in about 8 hours which is moving at a tremendous pace. We shot most of our kitchen set today which consisted of Caroline and Darrell drinking milk, which meant Madison and Jake had to consume A LOT of milk take after take. Madison got a little bit of a tummy ache but being the pro that she is she kept going.

The other cool thing that has been going on is our documentary guys have been working really hard to get a behind the scenes of A Monster in the Attic and do a special short documentary on the Heritage House. Roman and Chris have been getting a ton of footage over the past few days including interviews with crew and local people for the Heritage House documentary. Their films will be a valuable asset to A Monster in the Attic not only for our crew and casts benefit, but when the film gets sold, we will be able to offer two documentaries that could become bonus material for the DVD or the Heritage House documentary could play as a short film on its own. Roman and Chris are also editing the documentary in their hotel room, I cant wait to look back on the process of making A Monster.

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