Erica Harrell

I arrived in Kanab Utah after finishing up my other film, Baker in Florida. Upon arriving in Kanab, I was overwhelmed by the communities warm welcome. The Parry Lodge and the Film Commission put up signs to welcome A Monster in the Attic into town. The Art Department was extremely prepared for production which was a huge relief as the production design plays a huge role in A Monster in the Attic. As the rest of the crew arrived, I realized what an amazing crew we had assembled on this film. Cory Johnson, our First Assistant Director, put together a schedule that had us beginning principal photography Tuesday July 24. Shooting Wednesday, Thursday. Then due to Madison’s schedule, taking Friday and Saturday off. (Madison was cast in Jack in the Beanstalk and needed to shoot a day in Los Angeles).

So the first day of production, began really well. The crew is absolutely amazing and the Heritage House looks better than ever. The first half of our day went extremely well and stress free. After we broke for lunch, I got a call from Cory….. apparently our generator had caught on fire. Our gaffer, Janice Pearson and our DP Scott were attending to the matter, but it did not look good. After lunch, we discovered that it was indeed down for the rest of the day. When a generator goes down, that means we cannot light any scenes that require lights stronger than what we could run off of the electricity in the Heritage House. For the rest of the afternoon, we were only able to complete one other scene that we could using the Heritage House’s power. We could not complete the 3 remaining scenes. Cory then had to regroup with Danny and myself to figure out how to incorporate those missing scenes into the rest of our schedule.

As far as first days go, despite the generator, I feel it was a very successful day. I am very happy with our cast, crew and location!!!! And lunch was great…

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