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Sean Heyboer has wrote several entries in his blog (Cold Water Films) concering his experiences in Utah while working on the Monster in the Attic team…

At this point, October 1, I have been in Orlando for just over a month. I spent 5 weeks in Utah filming “A Monster in the Attic.” I am still trying to unwind. I figured at this point I would be ready to start writing again, or diving into filmmaking as much as I could, but I am still burned out. I am trying to find that passion.

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Sean Heyboer
Sean was the 2nd Assistant Director on the film which meant he was in charge of syncing all the production material with the cast and crew at all times. This is a tiresome job with little reward as you spend just as much time behind a computer screen as you do on the film set. Sean and I have been best friends since high school. We were roommates in college and just this past May, I was the Best Man at his wedding. He came to Utah to support me in realizing my dream and has been there for almost every milestone in my life.

It’s the support of lifelong friend’s like Sean that allowed me to get this film off the ground. Thanks buddy for everything.

Pictured Right: Sean Heyboer on the set of A MONSTER IN THE ATTIC.

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