Jake Johnson

Hello, my name is Jake Johnson and I am the actor who plays Darrell in the film THE ATTIC DOOR. I am 10 years old and in the 5th grade. My Dad, Mom, brother Zach and sister Caryn all traveled to Kanab while I had this great opportunity to shoot this film. Playing the part of Darrell was the most fun, yet most challenging job, I have ever done. For starters I had to wear clothes from the 1800′s which was a little awkward at first but became quit comfortable as the shoot went on. On many days my wardrobe had to be clean for the morning scenes and dirty for the afternoon scenes, which meant rolling around in the dirt and playing with the local chickens to dirty myself up. The wackiest part of the movie was when the light in the wagon we were shooting in burned out and everyone thought it would blow. I remember Cory, the first AD came running in with a fire extinguisher only to find a completely protected burnt out light. Afterwards when we looked at the tape we cracked up at the panic on everyone’s face.

Danny was an awesome director! He taught me how to break down each scene in a way I have never done before. He made me laugh, cry and yes even barf one day on the set (not really his fault, I had the flu!)

Madison and I actually go to the same school here in Southern California. Our families are great friends and we talk about our experience in Utah all the time. We had a great crew that I will never forget and would love to work with again!

Actor Jake Johnson on the set of
The Attic Door.

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