Eric Ernst

Hello. This is Eric Ernst, writer of Nightlight Picture’s first feature film, A Monster In the Attic. Like Danny and Erica, I am a graduate of the University of Central Florida School of Film and I currently work in Los Angeles as a script coordinator on the CBS/Paramount television pilot Skip Tracer.

I joined as a writer on Monster last July. Having written 3 features previously and being very familiar with the project, coming on board seemed like a natural step for myself and Danny.

Writing Monster has presented some interesting challenges. Up until joining Danny in writing Monster, I had never worked with another writer on a project before. In addition, Monster is outside of the normal genre I have written in, coming from a mostly comedic background. These challenges were in addition to those that are inherent of a feature length film with only two characters.

As the weeks progress, I will delve into these challenges and discuss in greater detail the various ways in which they were overcome. Until then, please enjoy this blog and the Monster website.


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