Danny Daneau

Sorry for the delay since the last post. It is 2am and I am unable to sleep while staying at my hotel at the infamous Parry Lodge in Kanab, Utah.

We are now only 9 days away from principle photography. I cannot believe it is almost time. So far everything is going great. My art department arrived in town last Monday and have been doing an amazing job. Everything is looking exactly as I dreamed.

Stay tuned tomorrow and I will upload a picture or two of this progress.

Eric and I stayed up tonight writing in the lobby of the hotel. We were making changes that have come up while spending a lot of time on the actual locations and working through each scene. I cannot tell you how proud I am to have all these fantastic people working next to me. The road ahead is going to get a lot more crazy, but with the level of talent in my cast and crew, I have little worries.

Promise to keep up more. Thanks for reading!

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