Erica Harrell

Erica Silverman or Erica #2 as I call her was the casting director for both of my films, Baker and A Monster in the Attic.

As a lot of people will say in Hollywood its who you know who can help you where you want to be. I met Erica Silverman on my very first job in Los Angeles. I was a production assistant on the short lived CBS Sci-Fi drama THRESHOLD. Erica was working as the casting assistant under Ronnie Yeskel. (Who I accidentally threw off of a golf cart of my second day of work) Erica and I quickly became friends as she is one of the nicest people I have ever met. A native of North Dakota, Erica graduated from USC’s Film School in 2005 and started working with Ronnie.

I’m sure as many people in LA do, I asked Erica if she was going to cast my movies, when I had movies. She said yes, but I think she was a bit surprised when I came to her over a year later with not just one film, but two. Not only that, but the first film Baker had a huge ensemble cast of 18 characters with many of them being senior citizens. Just as bad, A Monster in the Attic had only two children who had to carry the whole film. As casting director, this was an enormous task to find the perfect two.

Madison Davenport
Picture of Madison Davenport Auditioning with
Erica Silverman for the role of Caroline.

Erica found us a tiny casting space in Hollywood that was cramped but affordable. She spent many nights and weekends in that hot tiny space searching for the perfect cast. Because of her, we were able to cast Tovah Feldshuh a Broadway legend and Emmy nominated actress, Aleksa Palladino an independent film queen for Baker, and of course Madison Davenport and Jake Johnson for Monster. This was a cast that was beyond any of my dreams for my first films and none of this would have been possible without Erica.

She currently works as a Casting Associate for the CBS drama Criminal Minds. I’m sure that soon Erica Silverman will have her own company because she is simply amazing at what she does and a pleasure to work with. If she would do me the honor, I would love to have her on board to cast any other features I may do. I am really glad that when I was a PA I kept in contact with Erica as she is one of the main reasons I am so proud of these films.

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