Erica Harrell

Early this morning in LA Zach Braff and Lisa Kudrow announced Film Independent’s 2008 Spirit Award Nominees. Todd Haynes’ film I’m Not There had four nominations including best feature, best director and best acting categories.

Five Independent Films were also nominated for the John Cassavetes Award. These films were helmed by first time directors and had budgets under $500,000. The five films nominated for that award were Chris Eska’s August Evening, Stephane Gauger’s Owl and the Sparrow, Chris Smith’s The Pool, Aaron Katz’s Quiet City, and Jeff Nichols’ Shotgun Stories
Also, the 11th annual Producers Award honors emerging produers, with the three finalists announced as Anne Clements, producer of Ping Pong Playa, Alexis Ferris, producer of Police Beat, and Neil Kopp, producer of Paranoid Park.

Congratulations to these up and coming filmmakers. We know how difficult it must have been to get your films this recognition. The Monster in the Attic team is just beginning the long journey in hopes of being where you are at today.

Read the full IndieWire Post here.

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