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Our Post Production Team- Natalie Sakai

Erica Harrell

n2521978_846.jpgI have previously written about our casting director, the amazing Erica Silverman, now I will begin introducing our fine post production staff beginning with our post producer Natalie Sakai.

Natalie came to the A Monster in the Attic team through our DP Scott Uhlfelder. Natalie and Scott has previously worked on several shorts in Los Angeles and Arizona. Scott recommended Natalie to me and I was thrilled at the prospect of having help with the massive undertaking that is the post production process. Natalie, a graduate of UCLA and a native Los Angeleno, currently is a independent producer. Her short film Donny and Ginger aired through HBO On Demand and her latest film SUCK debuted at Screamfest 2007.

Natalie has been responsible for setting up the deal with our post production house, Local Hero as well as finding our editor, Sean Lagrange, and our sound mixer, Erik Schuiten. Natalie will also be involved in the marketing and distribution plans for A Monster in the Attic as that is the next field she plans to conquer. Based on the fantastic post team she has helped put in place, I am extremely happy to be working with her.


Promotional Still

Down the Attic Hall
Darrell (Jake Johnson) looks down the attic hall in the feature length film, A Monster in the Attic. (Photo by Terry Alderman – Copyright 2007 A Monster in the Attic LLC)

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Behind the Scenes Photo

Danny Daneau

Our first behind the scenes photograph.
Davenport Waits for Action

In this photograph, Madison Davenport waits for action on location at the Grand Staircase Escalate National Monument in Kane County Utah.
(Photo by Barry Glazier, Copyright A MONSTER IN THE ATTIC LLC 2007)

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2008 Film Independent’s Spirit Awards Nominees

Erica Harrell

Early this morning in LA Zach Braff and Lisa Kudrow announced Film Independent’s 2008 Spirit Award Nominees. Todd Haynes’ film I’m Not There had four nominations including best feature, best director and best acting categories.

Five Independent Films were also nominated for the John Cassavetes Award. These films were helmed by first time directors and had budgets under $500,000. The five films nominated for that award were Chris Eska’s August Evening, Stephane Gauger’s Owl and the Sparrow, Chris Smith’s The Pool, Aaron Katz’s Quiet City, and Jeff Nichols’ Shotgun Stories
Also, the 11th annual Producers Award honors emerging produers, with the three finalists announced as Anne Clements, producer of Ping Pong Playa, Alexis Ferris, producer of Police Beat, and Neil Kopp, producer of Paranoid Park.

Congratulations to these up and coming filmmakers. We know how difficult it must have been to get your films this recognition. The Monster in the Attic team is just beginning the long journey in hopes of being where you are at today.

Read the full IndieWire Post here.

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Promising News on the WGA Strike?

Erica Harrell

This morning talks between the WGA and the AMPTA resumed and things are looking up (hopefully). Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood Daily reports “a very reliable source tells me that there appears to be a deal seemingly in place between both sides.” Read the full article here. This could be great news for a lot of people here in Hollywood and could mean that I will stay employed!

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Design Location Scout

Alex Eastwood
Production Designer

The Utah desert in February can be a mighty cold place, especially if you are a Florida conditioned person. Underdressed and overly ambitious, Danny, Erica, Eric, Bryce and I were standing in southern Utah deciding on where the story of A Monster in the Attic was going to be told.

Part 3

Alex and Erica studying map. For all the complexities that this film has, its heart is a story that is based on minimalism. It is a story of two children surviving under bleak circumstances, having to live each day in bare preparation for the next, and doing all of this framed in the ever important third character of this film; the geography of southern Utah.

Click Picture for Full Screen View

With our limited budget for scouting, the five of us had one weekend to decide where the entire story of this film was going to take place. While we were out there we exhausted all the resources we had in trying to find all the locations that were described in the script. This included all the interiors that take place in the children’s house, an abandoned farmhouse in the middle of the red rock desert, and all the exterior locations surrounding.

The Kane County Office of Tourism and Film Commission was wonderful in providing us with ample information of the surrounding area. Southern Utah is a gorgeous place and once we drove around and explored this backdrop we were quickly checking exterior locations off of our list. The next great treasure we came across was a place in Kanab called the Heritage House. It is a historical house in the town whose architecture and lifestyle has been preserved since the turn of the century. We were amazed. It was absolutely perfect for all of our interior shots. It almost seemed that the script was written with this place in mind, however, this was the first time any one of us had ever seen it. We knew we had found all of our interiors, but the outside architecture, coupled with the fact that it was located in downtown Kanab, was not going to help us with our exterior house scenes.

Heritage House Winter 2006

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Happy Thanksgiving

This year we have a lot to be thankful for. We are thankful to the town of Kanab, Utah for embracing our film and bending over backwards for us. We are thankful to the cast and crew for traveling far and working hard in the extreme conditions of the American West. We are thankful to our families and loved ones for doing all they could to help. Finally, we are thankful that there are people like you who visit our site and support our film.

Many warm holiday wishes and travel safe this weekend.

Danny Daneau and Erica Harrell
Director / Producer

Caroline Prays before Meal
Madison Davenport as Caroline from
A Monster in the Attic

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