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As Confirmed on Wikipedia

Erica Harrell

Madison Davenport’s Wikipedia page features A Monster in the Attic. Check it out, here.

Wikipedia is awesome!

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Kit Kittredge An American Girl Mystery- Movie Trailer

Erica Harrell

Check out the trailer for Madison Davenport’s film Kit Kittredge- An American Girl Mystery. Starring Madison, Abigail Breslin, Stanley Tucci, Joan Cusak, Chris O’Donnell. Produced by Julia Roberts.

Madison plays Kit’s best friend Ruthie Smithens, who will soon have her very own American Girl Doll!!

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Reliving a Monster – Day Two not so Blue

Danny Daneau

It was Day 2 of principle photography. Our driver, Brian Weeks, drove all through the night to get to Las Vegas and pick up a new generator. On our first day of production the other generator caught fire half through shooting, causing us to loose half the day and wrap early. As the cast and crew made their way to the set on this second day, there was an air of unease that murmured through the morning. An expectation that at any moment something else would happen that would stop our little film, far away from any production resources, dead in our tracks. Will we loose another day?

Luckily, that didn’t happen. Not only did the day go great, but we were able to make up some of the scenes we lost from the day before. The replacement generator was roaring away, unaffected by the scolding Utah heat. On top of all that, my actors and I were starting to find our groove. This was my biggest fear and it was melting away as the day went on.

We completed our second day having achieved 21 setups (a big feat in the world of film). I went back to the hotel on Cloud 9. It looked like we were going to be able to make it through production after all…

Little did I know what was waiting for me on Day 3.

Danny Daneau works with actor Jake Johnson

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Jake Johnson, Actor

Jake Johnson

Hello, my name is Jake Johnson and I am the actor who plays Darrell in the film THE ATTIC DOOR. I am 10 years old and in the 5th grade. My Dad, Mom, brother Zach and sister Caryn all traveled to Kanab while I had this great opportunity to shoot this film. Playing the part of Darrell was the most fun, yet most challenging job, I have ever done. For starters I had to wear clothes from the 1800′s which was a little awkward at first but became quit comfortable as the shoot went on. On many days my wardrobe had to be clean for the morning scenes and dirty for the afternoon scenes, which meant rolling around in the dirt and playing with the local chickens to dirty myself up. The wackiest part of the movie was when the light in the wagon we were shooting in burned out and everyone thought it would blow. I remember Cory, the first AD came running in with a fire extinguisher only to find a completely protected burnt out light. Afterwards when we looked at the tape we cracked up at the panic on everyone’s face.

Danny was an awesome director! He taught me how to break down each scene in a way I have never done before. He made me laugh, cry and yes even barf one day on the set (not really his fault, I had the flu!)

Madison and I actually go to the same school here in Southern California. Our families are great friends and we talk about our experience in Utah all the time. We had a great crew that I will never forget and would love to work with again!

Actor Jake Johnson on the set of
The Attic Door.

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Erica Silverman Casting

Erica Harrell

Erica Silverman or Erica #2 as I call her was the casting director for both of my films, Baker and A Monster in the Attic.

As a lot of people will say in Hollywood its who you know who can help you where you want to be. I met Erica Silverman on my very first job in Los Angeles. I was a production assistant on the short lived CBS Sci-Fi drama THRESHOLD. Erica was working as the casting assistant under Ronnie Yeskel. (Who I accidentally threw off of a golf cart of my second day of work) Erica and I quickly became friends as she is one of the nicest people I have ever met. A native of North Dakota, Erica graduated from USC’s Film School in 2005 and started working with Ronnie.

I’m sure as many people in LA do, I asked Erica if she was going to cast my movies, when I had movies. She said yes, but I think she was a bit surprised when I came to her over a year later with not just one film, but two. Not only that, but the first film Baker had a huge ensemble cast of 18 characters with many of them being senior citizens. Just as bad, A Monster in the Attic had only two children who had to carry the whole film. As casting director, this was an enormous task to find the perfect two.

Madison Davenport
Picture of Madison Davenport Auditioning with
Erica Silverman for the role of Caroline.

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Music Video for The Heathens

Danny Daneau

I wanted to share a music video I directed before I got heavy into preproduction on Monster. It is for local Orlando indie folk rockers, THE HEATHENS for their song DIRTY JEANS on the album BIG WHITE HOUSE. You can learn more about the band by visiting their myspace page. The video was a ton of fun to make and the band is incredible.

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Alex Eastwood, Production Designer

Alex Eastwood
Production Designer

Hello to everyone out there on the World Wide Web. My name is Alex Eastwood and I am the Production Designer for the feature film, A Monster in the Attic. I am writing a series of blogs based on my experience on this film, and I will try and tell this story as chronologically and truthfully as possible…

Goodnight Charlie Set
Alex Eastwood on the set of Goodnight Charlie (2004)
A Short Film by Danny Daneau

Part 1…
To begin, I have known Danny for ten years. We went to the same high school, and later to the same film program at The University of Central Florida. We have worked together as filmmakers for over five years and his passion for adventurous and endearing storytelling has always lured me to work with him again. He approached me in January to be the Production Designer, which kind of took me by surprise. For starters, I had always worked as his cinematographer on prior projects, and secondly, I had never worked in an Art Department before (let alone been in charge of one)! I think I would have told anyone else that I couldn’t do it, but the chance to work on a feature film, and with Danny again, was quite tempting. I told him to give me a week to think it over.

Eastwood November Guest
Alex Eastwood on the set of November Guest (2005)
A Short Film by Danny Daneau

I had absolutely no experience when it came to production design or to feature filmmaking. I had a full time job that I couldn’t quit, and preproduction was going to add another full time job to my schedule. And I had a wife that I was going to be separated from for 7 weeks if I took this job. (Oh yeah, my right wrist and left elbow were broken from a Christmas skateboarding accident, so I physically wasn’t in the highest spirits either). My wife and I were going over what it would mean if I committed to this job; the chaotic schedule, the financial stress and the marital strain to name a few. Knowing all of this, she was the one who pushed me the most to do it. Even though it was going to be one of the hardest things we’ve done, she knew that filmmaking was my passion, and that only from true risk and hard work came true reward and quality. So with her love and support I felt empowered and ready to tackle the world. I told Danny I would be his Production Designer and it felt great to be back in the filmmaking saddle. The only thing left to do was figure out what a Production Designer actually does…

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