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“That’s a Wrap!!”

Danny Daneau

Tonight, after shooting one of the most entertaining scenes in the film, I called, “It’s a wrap” at 9:05pm. Not only did we finish on time, but on schedule. Yeah!!!!!

The past month has been the most incredible and exhausting time of my life. I had a goal to write a blog posting everyday while shooting, however a few days in I realized that was nearly impossible. Instead I will be spending the next few weeks recapping all the amazing things and wonderful stories that happened while making this film. As pictures make there way forward I will be posting those as well.

We are going to spend the next few days wrapping and returning all of our locations back to the way they were when we first began pre production. I will be driving away from Kanab Monday morning and will begin a 36 hour road trip back to Orlando.

I am excited to begin post production on this film. I think we have something incredible to share.

The long road home.

Hollywood Reporter Production Listings

Erica Harrell

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Salt Lake Tribune- Features A Monster in the Attic

Erica Harrell

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Continuity Carmen

Erica Harrell

The script supervisor, as confirmed by Wikipedia.com is ” a member of a film crew responsible for maintaining the film’s internal continuity and for marking the production unit’s daily progress in shooting the film’s screenplay. In the most basic description, the script supervisor is the editor’s and writer’s representative on set, as well as being the right hand aide to the director and the director of photography. It is the script supervisor’s job to make sure that at the end of the day the film can be cut together. In that sense, they back up every department, monitor the script during shooting and make sure that errors in continuity do not occur that would prevent the film from being able to be compiled in the editing room.”

Carmen Tabanyi, is the A Monster in the Attic script supervisor and I cannot say enough how awesome she is! Carmen interacts with Danny, Adam our second assistant camera, actors, and Scott our DP. She has really saved the films continuity numerous times, by fixing an out of place hair, or making sure a milk glass has just the right amount in it to cut together.
Carmen tracks the actors eye-lines, so when a conversation is cut together it cuts seamlessly. For instance if Madison was looking down in the frame when she was supposed to be looking at Jake that conversation would look funny and be distracting to an audience. Another job that Carmen does is daily production reports so the production team can track the progress of the film being made. Daily I know how many scenes and pages we complete and how many pages and scenes we have left to shoot.

Aside from all the important production work that Carmen does, she also keeps our crew entertained. She is absolutely wonderful to work with. Danny and I are really lucky to have Carmen and I am sure our editor will love her because she is doing a great job at keeping track of A Monster in the Attic. Also after her work on A Monster in the Attic, Carmen will be able to join Local 871 the Script Supervisor Union…. Congratulations and Thank you Carmen!!!!



Eric Ernst

Tonight A Monster in the Attic had it’s television press premiere, as we appeared in a story on “Outdoor Adventures With Rod Zundel” on Salt Lake’s KSL 5. A crew visited our set last Sunday and interviewed Erica, who also had her television debut, and was very charming and charismatic in it.

It was a short piece as part of a larger story about Kanab, and its rich movie history. Our segment focused on the return of filmmaking to Kane County and featured Erica (in a speaking role), Danny, Madison, Jake, Scott, Cory and other members of our crew.

Meanwhile, everything has been going great here. We are finishing up our last few days at the Heritage House and prepping for our move to Paria this coming Wednesday. Paria is a big challenge, as we’re out in the desert and conditions are harsh. Our build team was out there a few days ago and the temperature was 111 degrees. At 10:30 in the morning. Luckily, the kind folks at the BLM have lent us a tent and we’ve gotten a few others of our own, so shade will be bountiful.

More to come soon…


The Flood- To Build or Not to Build

Erica Harrell

According to Danny and Eric, it had not rained much in Kanab since they had arrived here at the beginning of July…. Well not the case as soon as I arrived. The first 5 days I was here it sprinkled a little in the afternoons, nothing horrible and no thunder to interfere with our sound. Well last Wednesday was a different story…. A torrential rain hit Kanab as we were wrapping. We rushed and secured all of our gear and got back to the Parry Lodge. The streets quickly became covered in tons of red mud and our thoughts immediately turned to what our site was like down in Paria. We had planned to disassemble our structure that was built in a warehouse and take it to Paria on Thursday. Well Thursday morning, Josh, our amazing builder and Erin our art director took a drive down to Paria in Josh’s Jeep and part of the road had washed out!
Josh made it almost all the way down to our build site but got completely stuck about a 100 yards from where we needed a U-haul to go in order to bring down our building materials. Eric and I then had to figure out who we could call that would be able to fix the road in order for us to not be delayed. We were able to get Burt from the Kane County to go down and drag the road out, but this did not happen until Thursday afternoon, which delayed our building being brought down there.

Also the road was not able to be cleared enough for our crew to shoot some of the exterior scenes with Jake that we had planned but we still went out to shoot one evening scene.

It is apparently really rare for Flash Floods to happen like that down in Paria. After Danny and I were able to access the area we wanted to build in, we decided to go ahead with the build and hope that a rain of that nature does not happen again until after we are done shooting.

So far the build is looking great! By Tomorrow it will be complete!!!!!!


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