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Eric Ernst

Hello. This is Eric Ernst, writer of Nightlight Picture’s first feature film, A Monster In the Attic. Like Danny and Erica, I am a graduate of the University of Central Florida School of Film and I currently work in Los Angeles as a script coordinator on the CBS/Paramount television pilot Skip Tracer.

I joined as a writer on Monster last July. Having written 3 features previously and being very familiar with the project, coming on board seemed like a natural step for myself and Danny.

Writing Monster has presented some interesting challenges. Up until joining Danny in writing Monster, I had never worked with another writer on a project before. In addition, Monster is outside of the normal genre I have written in, coming from a mostly comedic background. These challenges were in addition to those that are inherent of a feature length film with only two characters.

As the weeks progress, I will delve into these challenges and discuss in greater detail the various ways in which they were overcome. Until then, please enjoy this blog and the Monster website.




Erica Harrell

Hi! I’m Erica Harrell, the producer of A Monster in the Attic! Danny and myself are really excited about making this film and we hope to share this process with you.

A little about me: I’m a gradute of the UCF School of Film. I’ve produced 7 short films which have played at nearly 40 film festivals and won awards at festivals such as the Hamptons International Film Festival. I currently work as a production secretary on the HBO Original Series Entourage, and I am currently producing another feature film, which you can learn more about at Ambrosia Films.

Currently, we are seeking the rest of the financing for Monster, casting, and prepping all of our departments for production. If any of our readers have any questions about the process please leave comments and we will be delighted to answer.